WHO are we?

We want to change the copywriting industry by offering a refreshingly unique service.

What brands need is content written by experts, that adds real genuine value. Your content defines who you are as a brand, so why would you want it to be anything less than extraordinary?

Thanks to The Content Wolves, you can have content written by carefully selected superstar writers. All your content is personally proofed by Kiri, the pack leader, to ensure it suits your brand perfectly.

Kiri is a content marketing expert with over eight years of experience in digital marketing and SEO. So she knows a thing or two about how to find the very best writers out there. Don’t compromise on your content, it will only come back to bite you.

Harness the power of our wolf pack and see how quality content can transform your website.

Our services

Copywriting – We don’t just do copywriting, we can help with idea generation and content audits too. If you need anything else, just ask.


We can create content to suit your copywriting needs. From blog posts and on-site content to email copy and marketing materials, we’ve got it covered. 

Idea generation

Kiri is an idea generation machine and can come up with creative ideas for a variety of content projects. 

Content audits

Our experts can produce a website content audit which highlights areas for improvement that will increase traffic, clickthrough and conversion. 

Why choose us?

‘Be a pack leader’

We’re able to deliver a high volume of quality, industry leading content for extremely reasonable prices. Why? Because we’re not an agency. We’re a content creation company.

Our specialist, talented writers have been tracked down and invited to join the pack by expert Content Marketer, Kiri Nowak. Choose your preferred writer from our talented pack of ‘content wolves’ below.

The team of winners
Meet our dynamic pack members. Click here to see our complete wolf pack. 
Kiri ‘the alpha’

Pack leader

An established Content Marketing Expert, Kiri has the skills and experience to create powerful…


Pack member

An MA in English Literature and a history of writing across such broad arenas as academia…


Pack member

Aiyanna writes in a casual, entertaining and loquacious tone, however, she’s capable of a more formal…


Pack member

Drawn to words like honey to a bee, she’s always felt a natural, gravitational pull towards all things literary…


Pack member

Wolframite writes about most motoring matters, particularly specialist cars, such as Ginetta and TVR plus F1…

Howling Moon

Pack member

Howling Moon’s content has presence! He has unique insight into the customer perspective and experience…

Awesome clients

We’ve written for a wide range of wonderful clients in different sectors. Check out who we’ve written content for and what they’ve said about us below.

Sergio Garcia Gonzalez
The Holiday Place
Head of Marketing and IT

We have been very fortunate to have worked with Kiri for some time now. She is a very enthusiastic and accomplished travel writer, is very easy to work with her and she has massively contributed to our projects not only with the quality of her writing but also with many fantastic ideas related to new topics and other ways to engage with our audience.

Iain Beable
Head of Content

Kiri is an absolute pleasure to work with. Always going beyond and turning around work of the highest quality, both in content creation and research. Working across a range of my clients from small to very large, Kiri can adapt perfectly to the audience we target, keeping the brand and search visibility in mind. I would thoroughly recommend Kiri’s skill set to anyone.

Lisa Leggate
To Tuscany
Office Manager at

Kiri has proved to be an excellent Copywriter for our guidebook, website and blog. Kiri has taken the time to get to know our company and has written relevant content. No hesitation in recommending.

John Iliopoulos
Roomzzz, IconInc, Parklane
Head of Digital

Kiri is one of the most knowledgeable writers and content marketers I have had the pleasure to work with within the industry and she has a great understanding when it comes to growing a business, developing and implementing a content strategy and doing extensive competitive analysis for content marketing. I highly recommend Kiri to anyone seeking a true expert with fresh & innovative ideas as she is the ideal person to help brands grow their awareness, reach a larger audience, and generate potential leads.

Dave Lane
Content and Web Manager

Kiri is great at getting into the heart of your industry and writing about it like she’s been there forever. I’ve worked with lots of freelancers but Kiri is the only one who really “got it”, she showed determination to learn something she didn’t know already like nothing I’ve seen before. Kiri and I have worked on LOADS of projects together and I hope we work on many more.

David Denholm
Digital Kitchen
Founder Head Chef

Kiri adds a great personal touch to the work she creates. The usual on time on budget applies but what really sets her apart and makes her my go to for content, is the personal touch.

Ryan Gardiner
Serene Bathrooms

I have worked with Kiri for the past 6 months on several projects and have absolutely no hesitations in recommending her to others. During the time we’ve worked together Kiri has always been extremely helpful, friendly and has always gone above and beyond.  She manages to write engaging content on even the hardest of topics and delivers it consistently, on time and formatted in a style to suit you. I highly recommend Kiri’s services and look forward to continue working with her through-out 2016.

Martin Hayman
Focus Performance
Head of Search

For some time now, Kiri has been my number one freelancer to go to when I need top quality content. Kiri has always been great when it comes to high quality,creative pieces. She’s always happy to take a brief idea and just run with it… and I’ve always been more than pleased with the results.

Carla Forder
Fandango Digital
Digital Director

I worked with Kiri on a number of content and digital projects. Kiri is great at managing projects from conception to delivery. Kiri was a essential person to have at both internal and external meetings; her creative input is invaluable. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would definitely work with Kiri in the future if the opportunity presents itself.

Lucy Hurlstone
Marketing Communications

I originally started working with Kiri whilst I was organising content for the re-design of the KYOCERA blog. Kiri has now become one of our regular “bloggers” writing content on lifestyle and office experiences. I found Kiri to be inspirational with ideas for pieces – which really helped with the direction of the style of content. She’s never afraid to jump into the deep end with writing specialist industry pieces which were very technical. Kiri is very efficient when producing work – as she frequently sends the final pieces to me before the date agreed. This makes her not only inspirational, but reliable with the content she produces.

Neil Maycock
Digital Impact Solutions

‘Kiri is a pleasure to work with. Enthusiasm and passion for any topic of copy I give her to write on. All work is on time and engaging and quality copy is guaranteed.

Jason Woodford

During her time at Sitevisibility Kiri was a pleasure to work with. She was particularly good at coming up with creative ideas for our clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for copywriting and content marketing projects.

Jack Titmuss
GJW Titmuss
Online Marketing Specialist

We’ve been working with Kiri for nearly four years now and the quality of the articles has been consistently good during this time. We would thoroughly recommend her content writing services to others.

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